Joint Bahraini-Egyptian Venture Secures Spot on 2026 Chinese Lunar Exploration Mission

Source: ITU

According to the Daily Tribune news report, the National Space Science Authority (NSSA) has announced the success of the joint Bahraini-Egyptian venture in a global competition hosted by the Chinese Space Agency. This allowed them to secure a spot aboard the Chang’e-7 lunar exploration mission slated for 2026. The mission entails developing, testing, and deploying a multispectral camera to analyse lunar surface materials, which will probe the lunar south pole’s soil composition, including ice water. 

The collaboration between Bahrain and Egypt stems from a 2022 memorandum of understanding, signifying the strategic partnership’s commitment to advancing scientific frontiers. Dr Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO of NSSA, praised the achievement as evidence of the potential for Arab cooperation to lead future space endeavours. Meanwhile, Professor Dr Sherif Sedqy, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, highlighted the importance of the win in strengthening international collaboration and advancing space exploration missions. 

Dr Ayman Mahmoud, Director General of the Space Payloads Department at the Egyptian Space Agency, emphasised the revolutionary technology at the project’s core, which will reveal invaluable knowledge about lunar resources. Engineer Aisha Al Haram, Head of the Satellite Design Department at NSSA, emphasised the technical complexities inherent in the project, highlighting its capacity to enhance Bahrain’s expertise in space exploration and pave the way for future research and economic development prospects.