ISRO Hosts Delegates from Mauritius on Advancing the Indian-Mauritius Space Cooperation

Source: ISRO

The Mauritius Minister for Information Technology, Communication and Innovation (MITCI), Mr Darsanand Balgobin, accompanied by the  Chairman of the Board of the Mauritius Research and  Innovation Council, Dr Kaviraj Sharma Sukon, led a delegation team to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on the 17th of August, 2023 regarding potential space collaboration between the two nations.

The stakeholders met with the ISRO Chairman, Shri Somanath, at the ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) in Bengaluru. Other stakeholders present include the Director of U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC), Mr Shri Sankaran; the Scientific Secretary of ISRO, Mr Shantanu Bhatawdekar; and the Director of National Remote Sensing Centre, Dr Prakash Chauhan, among others.

Source: ISRO

Mr Shri Somanath, while thanking Mauritius for hosting ISRO’s ground station for about three decades, outlined potential applications of space technology that could benefit Mauritius and specific requirements and aspirations. In addition, ISRO presented technical details and application potentials of the proposed India – Mauritius joint satellite, a microsatellite designed for remote sensing from Low Earth orbit (LEO). Furthermore, both parties plan to launch a training spanning three key domains: satellite construction, operation, and data application. 

This meeting expanded the overarching framework of space cooperation between India and Mauritius. It achieved this by facilitating the exchange of valuable information about the territory of Mauritius, acquired through the utilisation of Indian Remote Sensing satellites. The discussions also encompassed the creation of an innovative ‘India-Mauritius space portal,’ designed to host satellite data, geospatial layers, and supplementary value-added services. These endeavours aim to unlock fresh avenues for leveraging space technology within Mauritius, while involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders.


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