Isreali Space Company Signs Deal With Nigerian IT Firm For Broadcast Services On AMOS-17 Satellite

Satellite in orbit by SpaceX via Unsplash
Satellite in orbit by SpaceX via Unsplash

Isreali-based Spacecom, the operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, has confirmed that Nigerian IT firm IDS Africa is the newest broadcaster to sign up for broadcast services on the AMOS-17 satellite.

Spacecom plans to launch the satellite into its 17°E orbital position in August 2019. IDS Africa will use the payload capability onboard the satellite to broadcast Channels TV news programming throughout Nigeria, as well as to the Nigerian diaspora in Europe. Spacecom collaborated with a local partner, Intertel Nigeria, to actualise the deal.

Specifically designed to meet Africa’s fast-moving communication markets, AMOS-17’s advanced digital payload will provide satellite communications and broadcast services across Africa. The satellite will deploy far-reaching C-Band HTS capabilities, Ka-Band and Ku-Band to a range of markets, and will also combine broad regional beams and high throughput spot beams to maximise spectral efficiency to connect Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Commenting on the deal, Toyin Ogunlade of IDS Africa said: “We are looking forward to using AMOS-17’s beams to broadcast Channels TV to our audiences here in Nigeria and abroad. The satellite’s power will enable our entertaining and informative broadcasts to be easily picked up and enjoyed by our audiences.”

Jacob Keret, Spacecom’s Senior Vice-President (Sales and Marketing) stated that “AMOS-17 will service Nigeria as well as the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. One of the prime markets we are targeting is that of the broadcast. We are looking forward to broadcasting IDS Africa’s content and working closely with their team.”