International SKA Science Conference Kicks Off

Press Release from the SKA Organisation

International SKA Science Conference Kicks Off
SKA Science Director Robert Braun welcoming participants to the 2019 SKA Science Conference. Credit: Francisco Colomer

Close to 300 astronomers from 20 countries have come together in Cheshire, UK for the international SKA science conference New Science enabled by New Techniques in the SKA era, looking at the breadth of science the SKA will enable and the latest science from current SKA-related facilities around the world. The meeting is organised by the SKA Organisation and hosted near the SKA Global Headquarters at Jodrell Bank.

Three days are dedicated to talks covering recent results with the newly operational SKA precursor telescopes ASKAP and MeerKAT as well as MWA and HERA and SKA pathfinder facilities such as LOFAR. Two days are also dedicated to discussions around the future key science projects with the SKA telescopes to allow the group to form collaborations and prepare themselves.

“We are delighted to receive our colleagues from around the globe here in the UK” said the Chair of the Scientific Organising Committee Evan Keane “We’re expecting to hear about exciting results from the SKA’s pathfinder and precursor facilities as well as to have crucial discussions on some of the future observing programmes, covering the whole breadth of science to be done with the SKA ”

“These meetings are essential to hear from the community and keep everyone updated on the latest science” said Robert Braun, the SKA Science Director “The SKA is a global project so we need those regular face-to-face opportunities to generate interactions and collaborations and keep building momentum and excitement for the SKA among the research community.”

The meeting is taking place at the same time as a major announcement due to be announced on Wednesday at 2 pm BST from the Event Horizon Telescope, a global collaboration of facilities working to obtain the first image of a black hole. Several scientists attending the SKA science meeting have been involved with the EHT work and will be available to talk to interested members of the media to comment on the result once announced.