International School for Young Astronomers(ISYA 2020) To Hold In Cape Town.

ISYA 2020 In Cape Town
Photo credit: SAAO Twitter

Cape Town, South Africa will from 22 November to 11 December 2020, host the 44th International School for Young Astronomers (ISYA) 2020. 

The three-weeks long school seeks to expose 30 selected early graduate students (MSc/PhD) in Physics, Astronomy or Astrophysics, from underserved regions and areas in Africa with less available opportunities for students directly exposed to the full extent of up-to-date astrophysics, to both theoretical and observational courses in Astrophysics. It is also a platform to broaden the horizons of young students through interactions with experts, who will give lectures on current topics in astrophysics. Final year Bachelors in Science students with a strong intention of entering a graduate program on Astronomy and Astrophysics will also be considered for the school.

The project is organised by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), in conjunction with the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (NASL) and the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO). Courses at the school are Stellar Structure and Evolution, Galaxy Evolution, Galatic Astronomy, Interstellar Medium; Solar System and Exoplanets, Virtual Observatory and Databases, Radio Astronomy; Astrostatistics Lab and Optical Observational Techniques(taught as mini-course). Lecturers at the Astronomy school will include Astronomers from South Africa and from around the world.

According to details published at the school’s website,  for selected students, acceptance to the school covers flights to and from South Africa (including domestic flights), accommodation and subsistence at the ISYA.

However, the program expects all selected students to fully commit their time to participate in all the planned activities held over the three weeks of the school. Daily activities for the school will start at 9 am and end at about 7 pm.

For more information on requirements and application, click here.


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