International Conference on the Exploitation of Geospatial Data: 1st Announcement by Algerian Space Agency


The first international conference on the exploitation of geospatial data represents a scientific event that will bring together the different actors in the fields of Earth Observation, Geomatics and Space Geodesy. Its main objective is to present the most recent work done and to promote exchanges within the framework of these themes.

The event will take place from 15 December to 16 December 2019, at the Center des Techniques Spatiales of the Algerian Space Agency in Arzew, and will focus on the following main themes:

  • Geospatial data analysis methods.
  • The geospatial data applied for the study of the solid Earth, the Ocean and the atmosphere.
  • Big data and exploration of geospatial data.
  • Geo-decision methods and tools.
  • Gravity field, GNSS and applications.

In addition to dedicated sessions and poster sessions, plenary sessions will be led by renowned experts.

Further information will be communicated later.


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