International Astronautical Federation Releases World’s Largest Digital Library on Space History

The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) is proud to announce the launch of the IAF Digital Library: the world’s largest repository with more than 50 000 digital papers delineating the legacy of 70-year of space achievements and international cooperation for the benefit of humanity.


The IAF Digital Library is an umbrella project which was initiated in 2016 as part of the long-term vision of the IAF President’s Global Innovation Agenda announced by Dr Le Gall, and finds its concretization today as a core mission of Prof. Ehreunfreund’s IAF Global Advocacy Agenda.

The world’s premier online library on space serves all people passionate about space with invaluable resources covering all space disciplines, and leading-edge papers presented in major space events, including the globally-renowned annual International Astronautical Congress since its inaugural edition in 1950 and the IAF Global Conferences. The IAF Digital Library will strengthen the links between IAF members in industry, research and academia, and those who work in the front line in the field. In alignment with IAF’s missions, the IAF Digital Library will also bridge the space and digital divide, and facilitate e-learning, research and publication allowing the space community to succeed in the coming challenging decades.

The IAF Digital Library aims to be a destination where knowledge goes beyond economic and geographic barriers to reach everyone, extending the boundaries of the past, envisioning the future and establishing itself as an infinite source of information, innovation, and inspiration for the benefit of humanity. The IAF Digital Library demonstrates how truly the IAF is Connecting @ll Space People and building the world’s most inclusive community — one where every person can be part of the extraordinary IAF’s legacy of knowledge sharing and research collaboration.

For more information: di*************@ia******.org.


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