Institut Géographique du Burkina Validates Ambitious Geospatial Strategy for National Development

Dignitaries at the high-level event. Source: Oumar Sanon

The Institut Géographique du Burkina (Geographical Institute of Burkina Faso) recently announced a significant milestone in enhancing geospatial information management. This achievement came following a high-profile event that marked the validation of Burkina Faso’s Integrated Geospatial Information Management Strategy (SGI-IG) for 2024 to 2028 and its accompanying three-year action plan for 2024-2026. This momentous occasion was made possible through the collaborative support of the SDG Data Alliance and various key stakeholders deeply committed to Burkina Faso’s development.

One crucial aspect of this development is the active participation of strategic partners within Burkina Faso, who have demonstrated their commitment to this initiative. The pivotal objective is to ensure that the government fully embraces and prioritises implementing this national integrated geospatial information management strategy.

                                        Dignitaries at the high-level event. Source: Oumar Sanon

It is worth emphasising that implementing this comprehensive strategy represents a highly lucrative investment for Burkina Faso. The availability of accurate and up-to-date geospatial information is no longer a mere luxury but an absolute necessity for informed decision-making within the government. This wealth of geospatial data holds the potential to revolutionise how policies are formulated, resources allocated, and critical development projects undertaken. Consequently, this strategic move promises to significantly enhance the nation’s governance, resource management, and overall socioeconomic progress.


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