Inspiring Future African Space Pioneers: Intelsat and MaxIQ Completes 2023 STEM Space Programme

Intelsat and MaxIQ Space have successfully concluded this year’s STEM (space, technology, engineering and mathematics) Space programme, which proved to be a significant milestone in fostering inspiration and empowerment among young participants, paving the way for them to become future innovators and leaders in the African space sector.

The programme, sponsored by Intelsat, carefully selected 30 exceptional students from various African regions to partake in this transformative experience. Moreover, the programme fostered an environment of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, enabling young minds to explore their passion for space science in an engaging and supportive setting. As they worked with the MaxIQ Space team and their peers from diverse backgrounds, the students expanded their knowledge and built lasting connections within the burgeoning African space community.

During this year’s concluding Group Presentations and Awards, one of the participants, Alabi Emmanuel Aniyikaye from Nigeria, enthusiastically shared his insights about the space STEM programme and MaxIQ: “This journey has taught me that boundaries are meant to be shattered. As African students, we challenge the norms and redefine what is achievable in space science.”

Another bright mind, Isingizwe Lucide Pascale from Rwanda, added: “The opportunity to attend space science workshops and collaborate with MaxIQ has unveiled Africa’s immense potential in the space industry. We are the upcoming generation of African space pioneers, ready to make our mark on the global stage.”

This year’s winners include:

  1. Best Unboxing Video – Natalie Mubvuta (South Africa)
  2. Highest Average Assignment Grade – Isingizwe Lucide Pascale (Rwanda)
  3. Most Responsive – Isingizwe Lucide Pascale (Rwanda) and Munotidaishe Taruvinga (Zimbabwe)
  4. Most Punctual and Engaged – Ofumgbe Ernest Arrah Ayuk (Cameroon)
  5. Best Mega-Assignment – Eileen Vermeulen (South Africa)
  6. Top Group Presentation – SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities (South Africa)

For this year’s programme, the organisers provided each participant with a cutting-edge MaxIQ modular electronics Space STEM kit designed to offer immersive, hands-on learning and experimentation in various areas related to space and Earth sciences. The kits, complemented by virtual workshops, delved into captivating topics such as comprehending Earth within the context of our solar system and preparing for life in lunar or Martian habitats. This comprehensive approach granted the students a profound understanding of the intricate interconnectivity between Earth and space. In addition, the winners will be eligible for the next round of MaxIQ education.

The success of this year’s STEM Space programme demonstrates the collective commitment of Intelsat and MaxIQ Space to uplift the future of African space exploration and research. Similarly, by investing in these talented students’ education and skill development, the programme aims to cultivate a new generation of scientists, engineers, and visionaries who will drive Africa’s presence and influence in the global space industry.

Looking forward, Intelsat and MaxIQ Space remain dedicated to nurturing and supporting the students’ ongoing educational journeys, offering mentorship, resources, and opportunities to help them continue their pursuit of excellence in space-related fields. The impact of this initiative is bound to reverberate for years to come as these young minds carry forward their passion for space science and contribute to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and exploration in space.


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