Hypernova Selected as Finalist for Fit 4 Start Acceleration Programme

Hypernova's Propulsion System

South African NewSpace company, Hypernova Space Technologies, have won a selection as one of the 20 finalists for the Fit 4 Start 12 acceleration programme. Fit 4 Start is one of the leading programmes for launching and accelerating startups in Luxembourg. Furthermore, the programme provides entrepreneurs with intense coaching, attractive pre-seed funding and access to key networks.

Hypernova is one of 12 global finalists and one of six finalists from the global space industry. The NewSpace company is a space technologies engineering startup based in South Africa. The company’s first product line consists of propulsion systems for micro-and nanosatellite use. In addition, the company will provide systems that enable in-space infrastructure services in the long term. This includes deep space exploration and the gathering of space resources.

According to Hypernova CEO Justin Lun’s interview with Space in Africa, the need for propulsion is increasing. This increase compels the market to actively seek various solutions. He also noted that the market is very open to various propulsion options and possibilities that suits their use case. Hypernova Space Technologies is also looking to help satellites develop autonomy in space. To this end, the company has developed a thruster system that could give miniature types of satellites manoeuvrability. According to Mr Lun, “most satellites are simply computers that are tossed out the side of a rocket [that] are tumbling in space

Hypernova and the 19 other startups will benefit from the specialised coaching and USD 56,000 of funding each. Furthermore, the company can also receive an additional USD 113,000. They will receive the additional sum if they graduate successfully from the programme and raise some private capital. Luxembourg’s Ministry of the Economy is responsible for the funding as the Ministry initiated the programme in 2015.

You can get more information regarding the company’s goals and plans in Space in Africa’s interview with the CEO here.


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