How To Watch The Solar Eclipse On December 14

A solar eclipse that will be seen today, December 14, 2020, before sunset from the South Western part of Africa. This eclipse is total in South America and will end just off the coast of Namibia. Hence it will be a Partial Solar Eclipse in the western parts of Namibia, South Africa and Angola, and will be visible for an hour before sunset.

The African Astronomical Society (AfAS) warns that astronomy enthusiasts should not look at the Sun directly or through any optics. For safe and simple ways of looking at the eclipse, enthusiasts can check the protection and safety guide, read and understand the pin-hole technique, and see how to use the pin-hole.

AfAS warns that looking directly at the eclipse may damage the eye, and sky gazers should desist from doing such.

To allow people to see the eclipse in full form, some organisations will live stream the event. Some of them are Slooh, Timeanddata, NASA Live and NASA Media.

AfAS has also provided interactive maps where you can figure out the timings for your own location. You can check the maps at timeanddate and NASA’s page (Note, former is in local time and latter is in UTC).


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