Høglund Signs New Partner in South Africa

Source: Mackay Communications

Høglund has signed a new agreement with South African electronics and satellite communications expert, Mackay Marine, to widen Høglund’s offering of advanced maritime solutions.

Commenting on the newly signed partnership, David Gunaseeelan, VP Sales at Høglund, said: “Our new partnership with Mackay Marine is fantastic news that we are happy to share as a promising start to our commercial portfolio in 2021. 

This is a company with a long-standing tradition of technical excellence and a mission statement that is fully in harmony with our own. With this partnership, we hope to provide our existing customers – and those to come – with an improved and even more agile and responsive level of service. This bolsters our presence in southern Africa, and consequently, we hope for many exciting new sales opportunities.”

Waldo Fourie, Depot Manager of Mackay Marine South Africa, further commented: “We are delighted to see our 3-year relationship with Høglund culminate in a partnership agreement. The Sales and Technical support we’ve historically received from Høglund has been outstanding, provided by a team that is always keen to assist and is extremely proud of their products. 

In order to further extend the support we receive from Høglund in our region, Mackay Marine South Africa has committed to establishing a training programme and a system simulator in our Cape Town office. Together with the remote access capability from Høglund, this system will provide an integrated platform for the continuous improvement of our sales and service efforts in support of the Høglund product range.”



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