hiSky and AVANTI Partner to Expand IoT Service over Africa, Others

hiSky and Avanti Communications have decided to expand their cooperation, powering hiSky’s Agile IoT network with Avanti’s HYLAS HTS Ka-band beams. This decision is due to the increasing demand for satellite connectivity in the IoT market. Thus, the decision will enable affordable IoT satellite services across Africa, amongst other regions.

The growth in technology across diverse global markets is rapidly changing the methodologies used for managing devices (‘things’). These devices are usually embedded with sensors or chips for their operation. Furthermore, they demand efficient, reliable, and affordable connectivity when managing Internet tools (IoT – Internet of Things) in remote locations. This trend of Internet-driven devices has led to a growing demand for satellite communications for various use-cases.

On the back of this evolving market, hiSky Ltd has partnered with Avanti Communications to expand its IoT service over Africa, the Middle East and into UK and Scotland. The hiSky’s Smartellite™ IoT network comprises satellite terminals, hub base stations and a cloud base NMS (network management system) deployable as a ‘network within a network’ in any existing Ka or Ku GEO satellite ecosystem. 

“Collaborating with Avanti has allowed hiSky to push into new regions and markets within the United Kingdom. hiSky’s satellite services provide complementary solutions for places lacking cellular coverage in the most efficient and advanced way. From day one, our system has been designed according to the IoT market requirements, and therefore enables us to offer our customers the most affordable monthly bundles in the satellite market.” says Nitzan Raz, CBO of hiSky. 

“We are very much looking forward to working with our local partners in the region and are already seeing opportunities in areas that, before this partnership, were unavailable at the service level and price point that we can provide.” 

Libby Barr, Chief Operating Officer at Avanti, commented: “Our core belief is that everyone has the potential to achieve their ambitions, and this partnership with hiSky will bring endless opportunities to businesses operating in remote areas to achieve their goals. Together, we will provide the best quality service when and where businesses across the UK and Scotland need it most and empower them to match the evolving technological landscape.” 



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