Thinking of a career in space? Think ISU

The International Space University (ISU) is the world’s premier international space education institution. Founded in 1987 by Peter Diamandis, Todd Hawley and Bob Richards, ISU is dedicated to the pursuit of research and development of space studies and raising a global network of space leaders.

ISU’s Central Campus and global headquarters are located in Strasbourg, France.

Since its founding, 30 years ago, more than 4600 students from over 105 countries graduated from ISU, according to data from the ISU Annual Report for 2018.

In a Forbes article – The Space Mafia – published in 2000, Chana R. Schoenberger notes “an ISU degree in space circles is like a Stanford M.B.A. in Silicon Valley”. The expression follows instances of how ISU connects its alumnus to space leaders and opportunities globally.

ISU faculties represent a mix of experts in technical and non-technical space-related fields, including astronauts, space agency leaders, space engineers, space scientists, managers, and experts in space law and policy.

The University offers graduate-level programs that are designed to promote international, interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation in space activities. The programs are delivered by over 100 ISU faculty members with regular participation from industry and agency experts from institutions around the world. The programs include:

Space Studies Program (SSP)

Started in 1988, the two-month course is ISU’s flagship program for postgraduate students and professionals of all disciplines. The curriculum covers the principal space-related fields, both non-technical and technical. The shared experience of an international, interactive working environment is an ideal networking forum leading to the creation of an extensive, international, multidisciplinary professional network.

Master of Space Studies (MSS)

Designed for students looking for the competitive edge that will help them obtain a career in the space sector, professionals interested in making a career move into or within the space sector, and researchers wishing to broaden their knowledge or make the move from academic life into the space industry.

Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program (SH-SSP)

Intensive five-week, live-in experience built around an international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary educational philosophy for which ISU is renowned. The program provides a multidisciplinary understanding of the key activities and areas of knowledge required by today’s space professions.

Executive Space Course (ESC)

Provides an overview of space-related subjects for professionals of diverse backgrounds, including marketing, finance, law & contracts management. The Executive Space Course, similar to an Executive MBA, is targeted towards management level professionals mainly from organizations involved in space, but also from organizations with interest in the use of space assets.

For more information on available courses and how to apply for admission, you can download the Admissions Brochure or follow the online application link

Funding and Financial Aid

ISU offers financial aid from industry and government sponsorships to help support MSS, SSP and SH-SSP students who are unable to cover all of their tuition fees. Learn more about funding and available scholarships.

The International Space University and Africa

About 139 Africans have participated in ISU programs since its establishment in 1987. The image below shows the nationalities of Africans who attended ISU. Majority of ISU alumni from Africa are now leaders of the industry, holding key positions like director of space agencies, managers of leading satellite companies and top academia. Ultimately, ISU offers a good environment to kickstart a successful career in the space industry

Number of Africans who attended the International Space University

Request for Proposal to Host Space Studies in Africa

ISU offers an opportunity for institutions in Africa to host the SSP. Click for more details on the terms and benefits of becoming a site host for SSP. African institutions can apply here to host SSP.


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