GiTy Partners Spacecom, To Offer Communications Services To Embassies In Africa

Spacecom PanAcess
Spacecom's Amos-17. Photo credit:

Isreali company, Spacecom has announced a multi-year contract with Czech telecommunications service provider, GiTy for C-band capacity on the Amos-17 communication satellite for connectivity to embassies in Africa. Radek Ondras, network operations director at GiTy, said it is confident that Spacecom will provide it with high quality, personalised and reliable satellite communication services.

Since the launch of the satellite in 2019, Spacecom’s officials have expressed confidence in the African market to recoup their investment in the USD 250 million Amos-17 satellite, and equally, recover from their previous setbacks. The AMOS-17 satellite was designed specifically to meet Africa’s rapidly growing communication demands. It is the eighth telecom equipment in the “AMOS” family, launched into space by the US company SpaceX from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Radek Ondras, network operations director at GiTy, explained that “Amos-17’s position over Africa and its unique performance and capabilities provide us with an excellent solution for our very specific needs. Partnering with Spacecom since as early as Amos-3, we are confident they will provide us with high quality, personalized and reliable satellite communication services.”

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GiTy noted that the C-band capacity of the AMOS-17 satellite will allow it to enter Africa with state-of-the-art technology.


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