Gilat Telecom and SpaceCom Collaborate to Improve Satellite Services Across Africa

Gilat Telecom has announced its collaboration with a communications satellite operator, Spacecom for the development of a faster, extra reliable and cost-effective satellite service for various organisations of different sizes across Africa.  

The collaboration will make use of Spacecom’s AMOS-17 fully digital and advanced High Throughput Satellite on both C and Ku band, including Gilat’s unwonted  SD-WAN MAX technology. Its availability is effective and can be used for private and public connectivity including e-education, e-health applications, e-learning and video conferences.  

Dan Zajicek, Spacecom’s CEO reported that the partnership will allow the boost of services offered to customers along with “fast returns on investments to the target growing market”.

As an innovative company, Asaf Rosenheck said “the company is focused on how to improve the services they provide for customers”, where their partnership with Spacecome will demonstrate how they “work across the ecosystem with the intention to drive down costs and improve capacity”.

Both companies have stated that African MNOs and ISPs can benefit from a number of services including; Capex Savings, which Spacecom’s AMOS-17’s HTS fully digital payload will enable Cross-Connection between all beam and bands by still making use of existing equipment that can easily be set-up by end customers. 

It will also provide Higher Throughput at reduced operational costs using Gilat’s intelligent routing with a capacity increase of 20%. Furthermore, it will offer Smart traffic management with Gilat’s SD-WAN service providers and MNOs to centrally control the route that both satellite and fibre traffics trade with customers. This enables the easy use of different applications as Voice, streaming and caching, which will be identified with automatic prioritisation following customer’s needs and demands. 

The partnership, in a nutshell, seeks to improve satellite services and telecommunications across Africa without bias on size or reputation.  


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