GGPEN Starts Training VSAT Trainers at CFITEL


The first training class for trainers of the VSAT Antennas Installation and Maintenance course began on Monday, March 14, 2022, at the ITEL Technological Center (CFITEL). Senior specialists in the National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN), from the Service and Payload Control Channel of the Mission and Satellites Center (MCC), in Funda, are conducting the training.

The training aims to transfer knowledge and technical, laboratory and field experiences. Furthermore, its main objective is to increase the training capacity of CFITEL, in particular, and at the national level, in general in Foundations, Techniques and Installation and Maintenance Procedures ( preventive and corrective) of VSAT Antennas.

The training is taking place in person and will run for two weeks, from the 14th to the 25th of March, 2022. In a total of 30 hours, the training will cover all the theoretical aspects of Satellite Communication, Antennas and Radio Frequency (RF) Equipment, Installation, Configuration. It will also include the location and resolution of faults, as well as the necessary knowledge to be a successful VSAT installation technician..

This course is the result of a partnership between GGPEN and the Telecommunications Institute (ITEL). In addition, it has the institutional support of the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication (MINTTICS), within the scope of the Program of Space Education of GGPEN and of the Project “Eu Sei Fazer”, of CFITEL.


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