GGPEN and INACOM SADC Satellite Specialists Attend Training

The Angolan PMO participated in training aimed at the members of the Technical Working Group of Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Satellite Specialists. The training involved the calculation of Reference Situation Values ​​using the GIBC PFD (Terrestrial Service) and GIMS. It was for SADC member states with national parcels degraded in the FSS Plan (AP30B), in view of Luxembourg’s proposal to restore their parcels.

The training results from a guideline that emerged from the meeting of SADC Ministers responsible for ICT and Information. The meeting held from 6 to 9 July 2021. In addition, it prompted the SADC Secretariat to facilitate webinar trainings related to Resolution 559 (WRC-19) for the member states. Technicians from the National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN) and Angolan National Regulatory Institute for Communication (INACOM) participated in the training.

Satellite technology is an important element of the ICT strategy in the SADC region. Furthermore, there is a considerable reliance on foreign satellite services that are presently beyond many SADC member states’ capabilities. Consequently, SADC Ministers responsible for ICT urged member states to establish a Committee of Satellite Experts. The committee’s primary task would be to develop the SADC Satellite Sharing Structure. The region’s urgent need to respond to developments in satellite technology primarily prompted this decision.

The framework’s purpose for the SADC Shared Satellites Programme is to harness the potential of satellite technology. In particular, it is to provide satellite communication services and products to meet SADC’s economic, political, social and environmental needs.


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