Germany’s ND SatCom Acquires Dakar-based TECNA Suarl

Geermany's ND SatCom Acquires Dakar-based TECNA Suarl
Photo Credit: ND SatCom

Germany-based ND SATCOM, a supplier of and integrator for satellite communication systems and solutions, has announced the acquisition of TECNA Suarl, a satellite transmission and radio telecommunications solutions provider based in Dakar, Senegal.

With new business opportunities opening up for the company in West Africa, the need to establish a local presence has become vital.

ND SatCom described the acquisition as a “strategic move to further enhance outreach and interaction between the company and its customers, partners and the leading communication companies in the West Africa region.”

TECNA renamed ND SatCom SENEGAL has Charly Nakache, an industry expert in the satellite communications business, appointed as its General Manager.

“Charly Nakache, who brings a wealth of industry experience in satellite communications, has been appointed as General Manager of ND SatCom SENEGAL and – together with his highly-motivated team of sales and technical professionals – will be responsible for managing the day to day business in the region and expand the reach of ND SatCom,” the company said in a press release.

“We see the very positive potential for our satellite communication solutions here,” said Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO of ND SATCOM. “This decision to acquire TECNA underscores this potential and the opportunity to expand further afield. The office location is close to several of our existing customers and provides an excellent base where we can share our latest technology and insights. With our new Director Charly Nakache, our customers and partners in the region can expect excellent responsiveness, collaboration and tailored solutions that meet their unique communications needs.”


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