Gabon President Appoints Dr Aboubakar Mambimba Ndjoungui as New AGEOS Head

Following the recent administration change in Gabon, the current interim president, General Brice Oligui Nguema, has appointed Dr Aboubakar Mambimba Ndjoungui as the new General Director of the Gabonese Agency for Space Studies and Observations (AGEOS). This follows General Nguema’s appointment of members of a new national assembly and senate for a transitional period earlier in October 2023.

Dr Ndjoungui brings over 25 years of experience in Earth observation, satellite imagery applications, and image quality. He has also been instrumental in connecting Gabon and other African space agencies to advance space technologies in Africa. He has launched a national project to build a constellation of nano-earth observation satellites.

Dr Aboubakar Mambimba Ndjoungui had been the Deputy Director-General of the Gabonese Agency for Space Studies and Observations (AGEOS) since 2015. In addition, he began contributing to popularising the space sector in Africa, particularly Central Africa, in 2011. He was the project manager for the construction of AGEOS infrastructure and the administrative and technical organisation of the agency. 

Dr Ndjoungui is an expert in space and a graduate of the National School of Geographical Sciences of Marne-La-Vallée in France and the Pierre and Marie Curie University. 


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