Space Governance Innovation Contest

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FAQs for the Space Governance Innovation Contest

Q: Do I need a lawyer on my team? What if I’m having trouble accessing some resources that I think would help me?

A: It isn’t required but it is a recommendation that can help you and your team navigate and understand the legal landscape concerning space policy. Additionally, when you register your team we will try to connect you to someone with legal expertise from Africa in this field if you request it.

Also, if you ever need help accessing an article and your team has been registered with the contest before December 13, please reach out to Matt Contursi (mc******@as*.edu) and we will see what we can do to provide resources to help you.

Q: Do we have to answer the policy gaps identified on the website?

A: Not at all; the policy gaps listed on the website are meant to serve as examples. You can use those policy gaps as the basis for your entry but if you wish to pursue other policy gaps that interest you more, we more than encourage it! The most important thing you do is define within your entry the policy gap you will be seeking to close with your tool.

Q: I want to participate, but I am having trouble making a team; can I still register for the contest and submit an entry?

A: You can definitely register yourself, but we are not accepting solo submissions for this contest. When you register yourself for the contest, we will work to connect you with other people who have registered themselves as well before December 20th. From thereon, you will self appoint a team leader and work together to submit a final paper by February 14th 2020. For now, we require submissions be from teams at a minimum of 2 people, but a maximum of 4.

Q: Can I bring in my professor to help with my team’s submission?

A: Absolutely! Teams are allowed up to two experts each, and so if you plan on having your professor or someone from a legal background within Africa help you craft your submission, they count as one of your team members. However, the rest of the team must be eligible participants. Teams composed mostly or entirely of experts cannot submit an entry. An expert for the sake of this competition is defined as someone who does not meet the eligibility for the contest and has deep subject knowledge in the policy gap being answered by the team.

Q: Do I have to live in Africa to participate?

A: As long as you can (1) claim citizenship/nationality to a country within Africa, (2) you are currently attending an accredited university as an undergraduate or graduate/professional student, an alum of the IISL Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Competition, or eligible to join SGAC you are an eligible participant for the contest.

Q: What if I miss the chance to register my team; can we still submit a final paper by February 14th?

A: Yes, you may still submit an entry without registering, however without registration we cannot offer the same support in your research endeavors than if you had registered. You will still need to submit basic biographical information as well such as the nationality of team members, university/professional affiliations, and what your team name is.

Q: What happens to my submission after February 14th?

A: A panel of international legal experts from Europe, US and Africa will judge your entries and award prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. Winning participants will be offered internships with international firms that can be completed virtually. Most internships have a supporting stipend. However, all valid entries will be considered for follow up activities including sharing the ideas with policy makers globally and publication in journals and popular mediums.

Q: I just graduated, am I still eligible to participate in the contest?

A: The contest is also open to Alumni of the IISL Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot and young professionals eligible for membership of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)

Q: I’m having trouble contacting an African professional who works in space law and policy; what should I do?

A: Use LinkedIn to begin finding experts who could help you. The Space Advisory Pilot Project have also found a group of African law/policy experts graciously willing to volunteer their time.
Please contact them responsibly through LinkedIn:

Julia Selman Ayetey
Iseoluwa Akintunde
Angel Oprong
Ashimizo Afadameh
Olufunke Adebola
Oluseye Soyode- Johnson

Register your team

Interested participants should register an intent to participate in the contest by 13 December 2019 by filling out the contest entry form . At the close of the deadline for the registration of interest, your team will be invited to submit your Model Instrument and Argumentation Essay. For enquiries please contact Ms. Nifemi Awe at

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