Excerpt from Payload Design training for the development of ANGOSAT-2 Satellite

Image Source: GGPEN

As part of the construction of the ANGOSAT-2 satellite, between March 25 to April 5, 2019, seventeen Angolan specialists assigned to the National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN) participated in a training course in Portsmouth, England, implemented by company Constructor of the satellite RSC Energia in partnership with Airbus DS.

The training was on the design of the “Module 2” necessary for the ANGOSAT-2 satellite payload. The payload is the module responsible for two – way communication (satellite – Satellite Control Center and Mission built in Funda, Luanda and Control Center and Mission – satellite).

This training allowed the Angolan specialists to improve the knowledge already gained from previous training in the same project. During the training, knowledge was transferred to Angolan experts on how the payload of the ANGOSAT-2 satellite is being designed, which elements and specifications are taken into account during the design. Additionally, the contextualisation of the space industry was done, looking at the main trends and challenges of the satellite market.

The training also aimed to prepare Angolan experts to operate the ANGOSAT-2 satellite, which will be one of the telecommunications infrastructures that will serve to provide telephony, internet, digital television and so on services. The training was given by Airbus DS specialists, all involved in the construction of the satellite, in terms of projection and design, which allowed to raise the quality of the training as well as the knowledge absorbed.

As part of the training, Angolan specialists were given the priority of visiting the assembly room, integration and testing of the satellites payload that are built by Airbus DS. Information was provided on the functioning of the room, where it is possible to work in 4 to 5 large satellites (more than 2000kg) simultaneously, as well as the management procedures that have to be fulfilled in the management of complex such as the construction of a satellite. Module 2 is the sequence of module 1 that took place during the month of February, where an equal number of experts participated in an introductory training on telecommunications satellites.

The ANGOSAT-2 satellite development began on April 24, 2018, within the scope of the Addendum signed on April 23, 2018, between the Angolan Party and the Russian Party.

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