Eutelsat to Bring Broadband Connectivity to Africa through Partnership with ITC

Press release from Eutelsat


In June 2022, Eutelsat partnered with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition. The coalition comprises multi-stakeholders whose purpose is to mobilise resources through partnerships to bridge the digital divide in communities that are difficult to reach. In this regard, Eutelsat has pledged to connect 1 million underserved people in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2027.

Since this pledge was made, Eutelsat has made some progress through reaching the 200, 000 user mark for its Konnect Wi-Fi hotspots. This is considered a significant milestone per the 2022 Partner2Connect Annual Report.

Konnect is Eutelsat’s broadband initiative which is operating in Africa. It is powered by the new generation EUTELSAT KONNECT satellite. It works to deliver instant broadband internet access to rural areas beyond the reach of terrestrial networks across the continent. The service is reliable, with speeds and bandwidths on par with fibre or 4G (from 5 to 100 megabits per second). It is also provided at ultra-competitive prices allowing individuals, businesses, schools, and medical centres to use innovative satellite technology. As a result, Konnect is changing how people live, learn, work and do business in the remotest areas, empowering entire communities on the continent.

Eva Bernecke, Eutelsat’s Chief Executive Officer, commented on how Eutelsat’s pledge demonstrated the company’s commitment to improving access to connectivity while simultaneously bridging the digital divide in Africa.


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