ETRSS-1 Completes its Two-Year Design Lifespan and Will Operate for Longer

The engineers from ESSTI and CAST worked together before the in-orbit delivery of ETRSS-1 at the ground station in Addis Ababa

Ethiopia’s first Earth observation satellite, ETRSS-1, has just completed its in-orbit design lifespan of two years. Furthermore, the satellite remains in good condition and health status and will consequently operate longer.

China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) and ESSTI recently performed a satellite health examination. This was per ESSTI’s request to ensure the satellite’s continued operation beyond the design lifetime. The result showed that all the components and subsystems of the satellite platform were working correctly without any abnormality and safety risks. In addition, it showed that the multispectral camera met the imaging requirement. The power supply was also in the proper cycle, and the control parameters were entirely satisfactory. Both sides affirmed the satellite could continue its service for a longer time.

China piggyback-launched ETRSS-1 in December 2019 with CBERS04A and delivered it to the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) in March 2020. After systematic training for around 50 people in China and on-site, the satellite provided more than 1000 corridors data. Furthermore, ESSTI engineers were responsible for the satellite’s optimal operation.

The satellite has produced and delivered around 6TB of raw data and 20TB of standard image products. National Survey and Mapping Agency, Ethiopia, and other corresponding departments received the images from ESSTI and put them into monitoring agriculture, forestry, water resources, snow cover and disasters, etc. These consequently helped the departments in decision-making processes regarding social production and addressing climate change.

DFH Co. Ltd manufactured ETRSS-1, and the ground station was built by Spacestar Co., Ltd. Both companies are subsidiaries of the China Academy of Space Technology.


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