Ethiopian Space Science & Technology Institute sign MoU with Homicho Ammunition Engineering

ESSTI and Homicho Ammunition Engineering Industry signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on joint research & development projects, knowledge and technology transfer through short –term trainings and hands –on-factory practices, organizing joint conferences and workshops, staff exchange, sharing research and technology development facilities and equipment , provide funding for joint technology development projects, as deemed necessary and other related activities.

Homicho Ammunition Engineering Complex is the part of Metals and Engineering Corporation and is also one of the military production facilities of the Ethiopian Defense Industry Sector. It specializes in producing wide range of ammunition for use by the Ethiopian National Defense Force.

The main objectives of Establishment of Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute(ESSTI) are to enable the country to fully exploit multidimensional uses of space science and technologies; to produce demand based knowledgeable, skilled and attitudinally matured professionals matured professionals in the field of aerospace science that enable the country to become internationally competitive in the sector; to develop and strengthen space science and technology infrastructures to speed up space science and technology development in the country; and enable the country to be robust contributor for the development of aerospace science and technology.


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