Ethiopia Launches a New Multi-Satellite Ground Station

The Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) is launching its 7.3 metres multi-satellite tracking and data receiving ground station today at the Entoto Observatory and research centre located in Addis Ababa. The station will receive data from five different Earth Observation (EO) satellites useful for various thematic applications. 

The data receiving ground station will receive high-quality data with resolution up to 0.5meters from the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite 4 (CBERS-4), China’s High-definition EO Gaofen 1, Gaofen 3 and Gaofen 5 remote sensing satellites, and the SuperView-1 operated by Beijing Space View Technology.

The state minister of innovation and technology, Dr Ahmedin Mohammed, explained that Ethiopia is trying to build a competitive digital economy with a station that will meet the increasing demand for high-quality EO data from various sectors in the country.

ESSTI Director-General, Mr Abdissa Yilma, mentioned that “receiving information from other countries is not sufficient for the country. The ground data receiving station will provide revenue for the county by selling data to neighbouring countries. Information from the ground station is beneficial to agricultural practices, water resource monitoring, disaster and early monitoring assessment, etc.” 


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