EgyptSAT-A successfully launched as Egypt begins plan to acquire more satellites

Image Source: NASA Space Flight

Yesterday marked another historic feat in the African Space and Satellite industry as EgyptSAT-A was successfully launched (watch the launch here) in what was Africa’s 31st attempt to put a satellite in space. However, the latest news coming from Egypt is that Cairo is planning to discuss with Moscow the creation of an Egyptian satellite grouping consisting of Russian-made satellites, Hussein Shafai, a consultant for the Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos in Egypt, said.

Soyuz rocket ahead of Egyptsat-2 launch. Source: NASA Spaceflight

“One satellite does not fully meet the needs of Egypt. Any modern state should have a group of satellites that provide round-the-clock monitoring of what is happening in the country. Therefore, the creation of such a grouping will be the topic of negotiations with the Russian side after the launch of EgyptSat-A,” Shafai said in a phone interview.

EgyptSAT-2 made it Egypt’s 6th satellite in Space. They have previously launched Nilesat 101, Nilesat 102 and Nilesat 210 – a constellation of communication satellites. They launched Egyptsat-1 in 2007, an Earth Observation satellite followed by Egyptsat-2 in 2014.


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