EgyptSat-2 Reaches New Milestone As China Strengthens Space Relationship With Egypt

Egypt Commences Implementation Phase Of China-funded MisrSat II Satellite And AIT Centre
Photo Credit: Xinhua/Li Binian/IANS

Prof. Dr Mohamed Al-Qousi, the CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, has stated that the work of reviewing the initial design of the “Egypt Sat-2” satellite project has been completed. The was achieved after negotiations between the Egyptian side and the Chinese side via a series of video conferencing over the past three weeks. 

This was announced in a meeting that has the presence of Prof. Dr Mohamed Al-Qousi, Dr Mohamed Iraqi, Deputy CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency and Dr Ahmed Al-Rafei, head of the agency’s technical department. Also present include Engineer Tien Yai who is in charge of the project from CASC; Mr Yang Xinjian, Director of the International Economic Cooperation Affairs Department of the Ministry of Commerce of China and other experts from both sides.

Al-Qousi continued in the statement issued by the Egyptian Space Agency today, saying: “The minutes of the meeting were signed, which represents the complete completion of the initial design review of the project, and an agreement was signed on the start of the implementation of the “Egypt Sat-2″ project, which is a remote sensing satellite”.

In 2018, Egypt and China signed a cooperative agreement on EgyptSat-2 being funded with a grant of USD 45 million from the Chinese government. 

Another major space cooperation project between the two sides is the Assembly and Integration Testing (AIT) Centre in the Egyptian Space City, which is expected to start early next year. The Chinese Ambassador Liao Liqiang emphasised that the Chinese government is committed to working with and supporting Egypt on projects that contribute to the nation’s development in various fields.


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