Egypt’s President Wants Tiba-1 Satellite to Revolutionize Communications and IT Sector in Egypt

El-Sisi meets with Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency Mohamed Afifi and other officials on Saturday - Presidency

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met yesterday with Dr Amr Talat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr Mohamed Afifi Al-Qusi, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, Major General Abdel Hamid Mustafa, Director of the National Communications Services Company, and General A. H Tariq Al-Zahir, Director of Signal Administration, and General Mohamed Al-Bashari, Assistant Director of Signal Administration.

The presidential spokesman said the meeting took up the review of the State satellite communications network system and the future uses of the Tiba-1 satellite. Mr President directed the team to ensure the best use of Tiba-1 for the state’s telecommunications and information technology sector, especially regarding the government correspondence networks being implemented to link the entire state’s administrative machinery, in connection with the implementation of modern operating systems.

Developments in this framework of the UNIFEM project have been presented to support the government’s data circulation capabilities in a safe, rapid and sophisticated manner, which mandates the administrative body to upgrade all government services.

Mr President was also briefed on the most important uses of the satellite, supporting the efforts of state bodies in all areas, especially in development efforts, state digitization, fighting crime and terrorism, as well as improving internet service in remote areas for individuals and companies, as well as contributing to enhancing the performance of government sectors, such as oil, energy, mineral wealth, trade, education, and health.

Also discussed in the meeting was the recent success of the Egyptian Space Agency in winning the international competition of the United Nations Space Committee to design a super-technology space camera to be installed on the International Space Station, as the first Arab and African country to achieve this scientific achievement. This will allow Egypt to access, for free, HD satellite images used for geological purposes, remote sensing, exploration, and other applications that serve the development efforts of the state.


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