Egypt’s MisrSat-2 Passes Another Milestone

Source: EgSA

In a press release by the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), the joint team established as part of the technology transfer project between the Egyptian Space Agency and the Chinese government has completed testing the MisrSat-2. The testing confirmation came two weeks after MisrSat-2 passed stage A, stage B, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests, and other subsystems tests at the Egyptian satellite AITC in Egypt.

Source: EgSA

According to the EgSA’s press release, the initial phase of the testing process has been completed under the supervision of the China National Space Agency’s (CSNA) Earth Observation and Data Centre team. This successful completion has allowed for the subsequent on-site testing and assembly of the Multi Transponder Mode (MTM) and Frequency Modulation (FM) experimental work on communication satellites, as per the original plan.

The MisrSat-2 project, delayed in 2022, represents the agreement to provide Egyptian engineers and scientists the opportunity to acquire on-the-project experience in satellite design and integration using facilities available in Egypt. In addition, upon completing the MisrSat-2 project, Egypt will become the first country in Africa and the Arab region to have satellite assembly and testing capabilities, significantly promoting industrial growth in the country.

Source: EgSA

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, the Earth Observation and Data Centre will continue to provide communication and coordination guidance, safety supervision, and management advice throughout the MisrSat-2 project and foster a continuous strategic collaboration between Egypt and China to ensure both parties enjoy mutual benefits.


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