Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) Is Hiring For Multiple Positions

The newly formed Egyptian Space Agency is currently hiring for multiple positions. The Egyptian Space Agency was established in August 2019 and is responsible for outer space missions serving national development and security objectives of the Egyptian government.

The divisions under the agency include Space Environment Studies and Testing Centre, Ground and Mission Control Division, Space Imaging Department, Space Design Execution Centre, Systems Engineering Department and Spacecraft Software Division.

There is a vacant position within an applied space project in the field of spacecraft modern orbit control and there is another vacant position within an applied space project in the field of spacecraft orbit estimation and prediction.

The required qualifications are:

  1. The applicant must be Egyptian.
  2. He/she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering.
  3. Graduation grade: good, at least.
  4. It is preferred, but not limited to, for the graduation project to be in one of the following points, respectively: Control of satellite orbits – Modeling of satellite orbits – Estimation algorithms (Kalman filter and its derivatives) – Control – Navigation – Guidance – Modeling of satellite attitude.

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Over 30 new available positions at the Egyptian Space Agency.


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