Egypt to Launch Nilesat 301 from the USA

Nilesat 301 will replace Nilesat 201 in order to increase Internet speed.

Photo Credit: @Arianespace

The Egyptian Satellite Company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ahmed Anis, announced the commencement of preparations for the launch of the company’s newest satellite (Nilesat 301) next week to replace (Nilesat 201), which is set to expire in 2028.

The new Egyptian satellite was manufactured in France and will be launched into orbit by SpaceX International from the Cap Canaveral Airbase in Florida, USA.

Anis remarked in press statements that the satellite would be launched from Florida in the United States of America on June 7 or 8, following the completion of all tests and operations.

He noted that the satellite manufacturing process took about two and a half years and that it was set to launch at the start of the year if not for the coronavirus’s circumstances.

On the new moon’s technological capabilities, “NileSat 301 has a lifespan of 15 years, weighs 4.1 tons, and will include 38 lunar channels compared to 26 lunar channels in the current moon 201,” Anis added.

The new satellite would cover nations stretching from South Africa to the Nile Basin, with the goal of improving communication between the peoples of the continent. Furthermore, The capabilities of the new satellite will include the provision of broadband Internet services throughout Egypt.

Negotiations are also underway with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan to strengthen and deepen strategic collaboration with major entities involved in television broadcasting.