Egypt Space City Construction Proceeds According to Schedule


In a recent statement from Dr Mohamed El-Qousy, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), the construction of Egypt’s space city is well underway with the completion of eight out of the total of 23 planned buildings, which will support space activities, including a space academy, a research centre, a satellite assembly centre, and a tourist museum, as well as the African Space Agency.

The space city, currently being constructed on a 123-acre area, will also include a space academy, a planetarium, an advanced library of space information, a meeting room, a hotel to host foreign delegations, a satellite assembly and a testing centre, which is one of the most important facilities within the city.

In addition, Dr El-Qousy further mentioned that the second phase of construction includes service buildings, tourist attractions and a research centre and the development of the space city is proceeding as scheduled.

Furthermore, the installation and development of the satellite assembly and testing centre will begin in September 2022 and the EgypSat-2 will be assembled in the new centre later this year.

In other related news, Dr El- Qousy revealed that in preparation for the upcoming COP27 conference,  the Egyptian Space Agency will be presenting the African Development Moon project, a project that comes in partnership with five African countries.


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