Egypt Set to Launch NextSat 1 Satellite in 2022

Egypt's TIBA-1 Communications Satellite To Be Launched On 22 November
Egypt's TIBA-1 communications satellite launched into space on 26 November 2019. Source: Airbus Defense and Space

The head of the Electric Power Group for Space Systems at the Egyptian Space Agency, Mohamed Yahya, announced Egypt’s plans to launch the “NextSat 1” satellite in 2022. The NextSat 1 satellite is the first of a series of satellites (dubbed “Next”) aimed at helping the National Authority for Remote Sensing & Space Sciences (NARSS) test new technologies, with a payload of two cameras to be used for environmental monitoring.

According to the CEO of EgSA, Dr Mohammed El-Koosy, “In parallel with Next, a group of nanosatellites will be launched in March 2022 to monitor climate changes, especially the levels of carbon dioxide and gases in the atmosphere”.

Furthermore, the agency is also working on the development of the MisrSat-2 satellite. The satellite will be entirely manufactured in Egypt. “In September 2022, EgyptSat 2, weighing 330 kilograms, will be launched to be used in sensor applications with a photographic accuracy of two meters. The EgSA designed the EgyptSat 2 in cooperation with China per an agreement that includes a grant worth USD 45 million,” he added.

In addition, a satellite assembly and testing centre will be inaugurated in September 2022 in the International Space City to be the first centre of its kind in the Arab world. It will focus on locally producing Egyptian satellites for development in Egypt and Africa and scientific research.