Egypt and China Strengthen Space Alliance with MisrSat-2 Protocol Signing

Prof Sherif Sedky, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, and Mr Li Jun, representative of the China National Space Administration signing the protocol agreement. Source: EgSA

Today, the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) announced a significant milestone in their space exploration collaboration with China: the signing of a protocol governing the operation of the MisrSat-2. This move underscores their joint commitment to advancing space technology for peaceful purposes.

                                                                      Source: EgSA

The protocol, signed by Prof Sherif Sedky, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, and Mr Li Jun, representative of the Chinese Space Agency, marks a pivotal moment in space technology development and cooperation between the two countries. The signing occurred at a ceremony held in the Egyptian Space Agency’s conference hall, attended by experts and engineers from both sides.

                                                                          Source: EgSA

During his address at the ceremony, Dr. Sherif Sedky commended the collaborative efforts that led to the successful realisation of the MisrSat-2 project. He lauded the close partnership between Egyptian and Chinese technical teams, emphasising the satellite’s significance in supporting Egypt’s sustainable development objectives.

Mr Li Jun expressed his satisfaction with the robust cooperation between China and Egypt in the space sector, highlighting its importance for advancing space technology and its peaceful applications. Yesterday’s celebration marked the culmination of testing phases for all three models of MisrSat-2, underscoring the shared commitment to achieving this remarkable success.

MisrSat-2, Egypt’s latest remote sensing satellite, was launched in December 2023 from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China onboard the Long March-2C carrier rocket. The MisrSat-2 is poised to be crucial in facilitating Egypt’s sustainable development by providing high-resolution satellite imagery. This capability will enable the government to monitor waterways, coastline changes, agricultural activities, and land encroachments and detect land encroachments. This capability will aid in environmental monitoring and precise resource allocation.

This agreement heralds a new era of space cooperation between Egypt and China, affirming their shared ambition to explore space and attain leadership in this pivotal domain. The protocol’s signing represents a significant milestone in bilateral relations, strengthening ties between the two countries in this crucial and strategic sphere.


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