EgSA Hosts Representatives of International Schools in Egypt

The Egyptian Space Agency received directors and representatives from the international schools in Egypt on March 23 2022, to lay the groundwork for beneficial cooperation aimed at building capacities for the students in the field of space science and technology.

The event was attended by top EgSA executives, directors and representatives of international schools in Egypt, including Nermin Ismail International School, Al-Farooq International School, French Concordia International School, Manchester International School, Evid School Waliya, Dover International School, Banha International School and Future International School. 

The Vice President of EgSA, Dr Mohamed Khalil, took the visiting group on a tour of the agency’s satellite assembly and testing centre and satellite systems testing factories.

In his welcoming remarks, the executive president of the EgSA, Dr Mohammed Al Qousi, welcomed the directors and representatives of the international schools and expressed his gratitude to them for honouring the agency’s invitation. Dr Al Qousi commended the role of educational institutions in demystifying space for young students. Also, he reiterated the agency’s unwavering commitment to creating a steady pipeline of capable hands in the Egyptian space ecosystem and contributing to the country’s vision 2030.

In his address, the Vice President of EgSA, Dr Mohammed Khalil Iraqi, confirmed that the agency would produce 100 educational satellite units for high school students, through which the students of these schools would gain theoretical and practical knowledge about satellite systems and how to leverage data from them to develop solutions and products. Furthermore, he explained that the project has the full backing of all concerned parties within the country as an essential strategy focused on improving space science and technology in Egypt.

Shortly after Dr Khalil’s address, the head of the satellite control department, Dr Ahmed Faraj, presented the activities of EgSA towards the dissemination of space science and technology to young students. Similarly, the coordinator of the Space Keys Project, Mr Nasma Yemani, gave a presentation about the educational satellite project (Space Keys) in various educational institutions. Also, the head of the Taiko office, Dr Eman Imam, presented a briefing on the activities that support the simplification of space science and technology, which led to an open discussion from the attendees centred on ensuring the success of the project.

In the end, Dr Al-Qousi appreciated the representatives from the international schools and reiterated the agency’s commitment to collaborating with educational institutions to support research and educational programmes in space science and technology and encouraging the utilisation of such programmes to develop solutions for the benefits of all Egyptians.


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