EgSA Honours Artists as Ambassadors for its Egypt Asteroid and Spaceak Initiatives

Participants at the event. Source: EgSA

The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) hosted several artists to improve support for the agency’s initiatives to spread space culture to the society, including the Egypt Asteroid and Spaceak initiatives in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The initiatives focus on creating awareness and imbibing space culture in the youth.

The CEO of EgSA, Dr Mohamed El-Koosy, held an extensive meeting with the artists, including Bahir Al-Nawhi, Ahmed Wali, Heba El-Desouki, and Ahmed Jamal Saeed, and to commend them for their unwavering support of spreading space culture to the society through their artistic contributions that enjoy millions of views from young people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Dr El-Koosy also praised their technical role in spreading awareness and addressing social issues in society through their artistic work and honoured them as ambassadors for the initiatives to spread the culture launched by the agency. Furthermore, the artists were honoured in the presence of Dr Youssef Shaaban Al-Musharraf, the marketing and media coordinator of the agency and the supervisor of the Asteroid Egypt initiative.

Through national initiatives, EgSA seeks to sensitise youths in all cities and governorates of the Republic about the importance of active participation in space activities to achieve the state’s plans to elevate the skills and capabilities of the youth in space science. One of the most important of them is climate change and transforming these capabilities into applications that benefit society.

In addition, Dr El-Koosy emphasised that the participation of artists and civil society in the awareness and spreading space culture gives weight to reviving the agency’s initiatives because there is a convergence in understanding the behaviour of these generations and how to speed up the adoption of the initiative’s message.

Guest artists at the event. Source: KSA

The Egyptian Space Agency aims to achieve common interests in space and sustainable development by sensitising citizens (especially the youths) to look forward to future involvement in all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields.


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