EgSA Commences Summer Training for Egyptian Students

Dr Mohamed Al-Quosi, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency

Egyptian University students will now have summer training activities to enhance space skill developments. Dr Mohamed Al-Quosi, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, said this in his opening speech for the annual summer training. The training is organised by the Egyptian Space Agency for capacity development in space science and technology for students in Egyptian Universities, towards linking their academic studies to practical and scientific reality.

Dr Al-Quosi explained that this training is emerging from the national space program and serves as the centrepiece of building human capacity and space systems development, towards having more educational satellites in the future. Training will be conducted this year via teleconferencing.

Dr Al-Quosi mentioned that this goal was equally shared by Dr Khaled Abdel Ghafar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, who expressed interest in attending one of the training days, to encourage participation. Dr Al-Quosi, speaking to students via video call, praised the turnout and motivation of Egyptian university students for attending the annual training and emphasised that trainees in the satellite education program have a better chance of joining the space agency.

He welcomed all students and wished them success while affirming the competence of members of the Egyptian Space Agency and their ability to deliver information to students in interactive and diverse ways. 

In the last EgSA board meeting, the agency’s ongoing work in the development of an online training platform dedicated to space-related courses to support the agency’s capacity development ambitions was highlighted and announced to be launched in October 2020. 


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