Edo Agric Digital Innovation Hub to Promote Satellite Intelligence for the Edo State Agriculture Sector

Edo Agric Innovations Hub

The Edo Agric Digital Innovation Hub is a new virtual hub made up of a group of organisations with complementary expertise in Agriculture and the public-benefit objective of creating an ecosystem to promote digital transformation, innovation and climate-smart agriculture in Edo State, Nigeria. The Hub has formed its first consortium, with organisations such as Edo state skills Development agency, Satsure, Songhai Labs, HelloTractor, Farm Crowdy and Ecotutu.

One of the consortium members, Satsure, will be working with local organizations in Edo State and deploying satellite technology and contributing to the digital transformation of the agriculture sector, through the Hub. Other consortium members like Farmcrowdy will connect stakeholders with easy access to aggregate farm produce, inputs, and processed food, while Ecotutu will be focused on delivering 100% solar-powered cold storage to farmers and food vendors in Nigeria in order to sustainably secure the food chain and mitigate food waste.

In addition, the Hub will be coordinated by Edo State Skills Development Agency and Songhai Labs and involve more leading African Agri-tech startups and organisations including farmers’ organisations, startup ecosystems, financial organizations, research institutions, as well as, local and international organisations in 2022 and beyond.

The long-term perspective of the project includes an expansion to other regions of Nigeria and other African countries. For more information, visit here.

About Edo Agric Digital Innovation Hub

The Edo Agric Digital Innovation Hub is a coordinated group of organisations with complementary expertise and a public-benefit objective, offering a set of services and activities to companies to support their digital transformation and innovation through a one-stop shop.



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