Dr Tidiane Ouattara, AUC Space Expert Gives Update on The African Space Agency

Dr. Tidiane Ouattara; GMES & Africa Programme Coordinator speaking at the 1st GMES & Africa Forum held in Libreville, Gabon in 2018. Image Source: GMES & Africa

The African Space Agency, which will be located and established in Egypt as decided by the African Union in 2019, is expected to spearhead the continent’s joint space endeavours. As the costs of developing space programs reduce, an increasing number of African States are beginning to consider the viability of space-derived products for sustainable and economic development.

Already, 19 countries have national space programmes, and to support the access to and benefit of outer space for all African nations; the African Union introduced the African Space Policy and Strategy.

In an interview with Dr Tidiane Ouattara (Space Expert with the African Union Commission and Programme Coordinator for GMES and Africa), Space in Africa got insights on the progress of the AUC regarding the implementation of the African Space Policy and Strategy, operations of the African Space Agency, operations of the Pan African University on Space Science and Technology, and the implementation of the GMES & Africa project. Dr Ouattara also gave insight into how the GMES & Africa program is supporting projects around COVID-19 through its consortia. 

Watch the full interview below:

The African Space Policy and Strategy aim to “create a well-coordinated and integrated African Outer Space Programme that is responsive to the social, economic, political and environmental needs of the continent, as well as its global competitiveness.” It also aims to support the space initiatives of African space programmes by assisting with regulatory frameworks and ensuring that space is used responsibly and for peaceful purposes.