DJIBOUTI-1A Passes Another Milestone

Source: Centre Spatial Universitaire de Montpellier

According to an official statement from the Centre Spatial Universitaire de Montpellier (CSUM), Djibouti’s first national space project, DJIBOUTI-1A, designed and assembled by Djiboutian engineers and technicians under the guidance of CSUM staff, has successfully passed the vibration tests.

Source: Centre Spatial Universitaire de Montpellier

The test details revealed that the vibration tests were performed using the new 58kN vibrator at the joint CSUM/Latecoere facility in France. Furthermore, the result showed that the test levels and duration fully comply with the launch parameters proposed later this year.

In addition, CSUM also disclosed that Exolaunch is the mission’s launch broker, and as such, the satellite would be deployed to its orbital position using the EXOpod NOVA deployer. 

Source: Centre Spatial Universitaire de Montpellier

The DJIBOUTI-1A, an earth observation nanosatellite, aims to provide the Djibouti Center for Studies and Research (CERD) with the necessary tools to keep track of the changes in water resources by providing country-wide, real-time data from climatological and seismic stations. The satellite will also provide decision-makers nationwide with relevant high-definition spectral information to enhance farming and other related activities. 


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