Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Contribute to Space in Africa

Space in Africa is always on the lookout for unique perspectives, opinions and thought pieces on the African Space and Satellite Industry.

If you have a compelling article to share with our vast audience of space enthusiasts, newspace entrepreneurs, students and young professionals, industry executives and investors, please take some time to review the guidelines below.

Before you submit

  • Space in Africa publishes stories and research pieces that are relevant to the African space industry, astronomy, earth observation and a bit of aerospace. Guest articles that are not related to the above scope may not be approved.
  • The author(s) should be knowledgeable and updated in the field of discourse.
  • A guest article is expected to follow standard English grammar rules. While writing, the author(s) should avoid vague statements and gloomy assertions. Please avoid excessive use of jargon and buzzwords. It is fine to cite primary sources or already published works of experts in the field of discourse. However, it is not right to overly reproduce a previously published work without any unique perspective.
  • A guest article should be original (not previously published), unique and in-depth in knowledge, not less than 1,000 words. The information contained in the article should be recent, in the case of news and other timebound articles.
  • Space in Africa disapproves plagiarized contents and frowns at copyright infringements. The author(s) are expected to reference sources of information contained in the article by hyperlinking the original source or following standard referencing rules in the case of offline contents.
  • All images, videos and other visual materials contained in a guest article should have deserving credits. Include proper attribution for all data, charts and statistics used.
  • Space in Africa does not publish promotional or overly critical contents written by guest authors. Articles containing hyperlinks that suggest backlinking antics will not be approved. See our advert rates for promotional contents.
  • A guest article should not be overly critical of brands, institutions or personalities.

Articles in the following categories are allowed:

  1. Space Science and Engineering
  2. Space Communications/GNSS
  3. Astronomy
  4. Newspace/Startups
  5. Business and Market Analysis
  6. Press Release
  7. Earth Observation/Space Applications
  8. Policy and Security
  9. Opportunities
  10. Events

How to submit

Send all submissions in Doc or HTML format to editor@africanews.space (only genuine guest contributions please) with the subject Guest Contributor (important!).

  • Attach images separately. Do not insert them in the document.
  • Individual image sizes should be no larger than 500KB.
  • Include a brief author bio (200 characters), with not more than one external link and attach a 100×100 headshot.