Call for Launch Opportunity for DJIBOUTI-1B

In the frame of the HYDROSAT mission, the Republic of Djibouti is looking for a launch opportunity for its second 1U CubeSat called DJIBOUTI-1B on LEO, with orbital parameters at insertion as follows:

  • Altitude: 550 to 600 km;
  • Inclination: 11° ideally (no less than 7°, no more than 15°);
  • Eccentricity: circular
  • RAAN, AoP indifferent
  • Launch Date:  Q2 2023 ideally (Q3 and Q4 2023 acceptable)
Associated services
  • Deployer provided by the launcher provider;
  • Support of integration into the deployer;
  • Support for acceptance of environmental testing;
  • Support for shock analysis; and 
  • Support for thermal analysis at separation.
Options To be negotiated – New options are welcome
  • To provide an ACK of the deployment with real conditions of spacecraft separation;
  • To provide a video of the CubeSat separation;
  • To help with paperwork preparation for the launch; and 
  • To help with the logistics to deliver the flight Model at the launch site – Export control (ITAR free technology
Payment plan
  • To be negotiated – Price to be negotiated
  • 40% at the purchase order – Launch Agreement signature
  • 50% at the Flight Readiness Review
  • 10% at Post-Commissioning Review

General Secretary – Research and Higher Education Ministry – Republic of Djibouti


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