Azercosmos and CommsCarrier Partner to Bring Satellite Internet to Central and East Africa

Press release from Azercosmos

Source: Azercosmos

Azercosmos, the national space agency of Azerbaijan and CommsCarrier Satellite Services Limited, a provider of satellite services in the Republic of Kenya, have entered into a collaboration agreement for long-term projects. The Azerspace-2, the Azerbaijan telecommunications satellite, will facilitate the provision of data solutions for clients in East and Central Africa.

According to an official statement from Azercosmos, starting today, internet services will be provided to government organisations in the Republic of Kenya. This will be done through the Ku-band of Azerspace-2. Moreover, it will also be used by CommsCarrier to serve their clients in East and Central Africa.

Speaking on the new development, Fuad Aslanov expressed that Azercosmos was pleased with the progress in providing satellite services to Africa. Moreover, Commscarrier is perceived as a reliable partner. Additionally, Azercosmos has been working to accelerate work processes.

The director of CommsCarrier expressed that this collaboration was a stepping stone in improving efficiency and catering to the growing demands of their customers.

About CommsCarrier 

CommCarrier was established in 1995 as a licenced regional VNO telecommunications operator. It is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with a recognised voice globally and knowledge gateway, CommCarrier was the pioneer in launching  VSAT expertise.  It is currently the main telecommunications firm in the African area.


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