Avanti Reinforces its Commitment to Africa with State-of-the-art Office in Nairobi

Avanti Communications is pleased to announce the grand reopening of its newly renovated office in Nairobi, Kenya. The spacious 276-square-metre facility serves as Avanti’s East African hub and marks its third site, complementing its existing offices in Lagos and South Africa.

With a strong focus on sales and education, Avanti’s Kenyan office will serve as the company’s centre for East African sales operations and educational initiatives. Avanti has made significant strides in connecting schools, with 245 schools benefiting from their services. Looking ahead, Avanti has ambitious plans to connect an impressive 5,000 schools within the next five years, highlighting their commitment to enhancing education in the region.

By expanding its presence in Africa, Avanti has significantly increased its workforce, representing more than one-fifth of the company’s total employees. This demonstrates Avanti’s dedication to establishing a robust presence in the region and underlines its vision of Africa becoming its primary revenue source within two to three years.

Debbie Mavis, Avanti’s Group HR Director, emphasised the importance of establishing local offices to strengthen relationships with customers and partners. The company recognises that being on the ground allows them to better understand the needs and requirements of the local market, ensuring they can provide tailored solutions and support. The local Kenyan team plays a pivotal role in Avanti’s education project, which is a core focus of the company. The reopening of the Nairobi office signifies Avanti’s commitment to unlocking further opportunities for individuals, businesses, and communities to thrive in the region.

Avanti’s investment in modernising its Nairobi office highlights the company’s recognition of Africa’s immense potential and underscores its commitment to the continent. By strategically positioning themselves in key African markets and fostering collaborations with industry leaders, Avanti can drive growth and deliver innovative solutions to their African partners.


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