AUC to Elect Members of the African Space Council at the 37th AU Summit

Source: African Union Commission

During the 37th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government of the African Union scheduled for February 14th – 15th, 2024, the Executive Council of the African Union will elect and appoint ten (10) members to the African Space Council, including its Chair and Vice Chair, to facilitate the full operationalisation of the African Space Agency (AfSA).

The election process will entail selecting two (2) individuals (one male and one female) from each AU region. This process will ensure compliance with the AUC’s gender balance policy by ensuring the representation of both genders among the chosen candidates. This approach aligns with the AUC’s dedication to promoting gender equality and inclusivity in its governance structure. It ensures adherence to the AUC’s gender balance policy by guaranteeing the representation of both males and females within the chosen candidates. This approach aligns with the AUC’s commitment to promoting gender equality and inclusivity in its governance structure.

The African Space Council will serve as the central coordinating body for the AfSA, ensuring effective governance and coordination of space activities while advocating for the responsible and sustainable utilisation of space resources for the benefit of African society, economy, and scientific advancement.

The African Space Council will guide the continent’s space initiatives by overseeing policy formulation, resource allocation, and regulatory oversight. It will also coordinate activities among various stakeholders, including government agencies, private companies, and international partners, to optimise efforts and encourage collaboration. Additionally, the Council will ensure that investments align strategically with continental objectives, including those outlined in Africa 2063, prioritising advancements in space exploration, research, and technology development.

Moreover, the African Space Council will facilitate collaboration in space exploration and research through local, regional, continental, and international cooperation, promoting mutual benefits and peaceful endeavours for all Africans. It will also support the growth of commercial space industries by fostering innovation, removing regulatory barriers, and encouraging entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the Space Council will spearhead public outreach and education initiatives to inspire interest in space exploration and its potential societal benefits while addressing security and defence considerations related to space assets and capabilities.


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