AU Executive Council Appoints Dr Tidiane Ouattara as the President of the African Space Council

Dr Tidiane Ouattara, President, African Space Council

During the recently concluded 37th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government of the African Union, the Executive Council of the African Union appointed Dr Tidiane Ouattara as the president of the African Space Council to facilitate the full operationalisation of the African Space Agency (AfSA). He becomes the inaugural president of the African Space Council, which consists of ten (10) members, with one male and one female elected from each of the five AU regions. Their tenure will last four years (renewable once), during which Dr Ouattara will lead the African Space Agency (AfSA) governing body.

Primarily, Dr Ouattara will provide strategic leadership to the Council, shaping its activities and guiding its direction in alignment with its objectives and mandates. Furthermore, as AfSA’s statutes outline, Dr Ouattara will lead the Council to ensure effective governance and coordination of space activities while advocating for the responsible and sustainable utilisation of space resources to benefit African society, economy, and scientific advancement.

                                              Dr Tidiane Ouattara, President, African Space Council

Dr Ouattara will lead the African Space Council as they work to guide the continent’s space initiatives by overseeing policy formulation, work plan, resource allocation, and regulatory oversight. Under his leadership, the Council will also ensure that investments align strategically with continental objectives, including those outlined in Africa 2063, prioritising advancements in space exploration, research, and technology development. Moreover, Dr Ouattara will lead the Council to facilitate collaboration in space exploration and research through local, regional, continental, and international cooperation, promoting mutual benefits and peaceful endeavours for all Africans. He will also work with other relevant continental, regional and national stakeholders to support the growth of commercial space industries by fostering innovation, removing regulatory barriers, and encouraging entrepreneurship.

                                                Dr Tidiane Ouattara, President, African Space Council

Before his appointment, Dr Ouattara was the Head of the Science, Technology and Space Division at the Department of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of the African Union Commission and the coordinator leading the development and implementation of the African Outer Space Programme, including implementing the African Space Policy and Strategy and establishing the African Space Agency. With almost 28 years in international relations, business development and resources mobilisation, policy development, and programme negotiation and management, he previously led the inception and coordination of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and Africa (GMES and Africa) programme, a joint endeavour between the African and European Unions.


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