Attend IAU symposium 356 on Nuclear Activity in Galaxies Across Cosmic Time

IAU symposium 356 on Nuclear Activity in Galaxies Across Cosmic Time
This picture was taken during a presentation in January 2009 in Paris, on the occasion of the Opening Ceremony of the International Year of Astronomy. Image Source: IAU News

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) invites young professionals and experts in astronomy, physics and space science to attend the IAU Symposium 356 on ‘Nuclear Activity in Galaxies Across Cosmic Time’, to be held in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, from October 7 – 11, 2019.

The symposium will be the third IAU symposium to be held in Africa in the past 100 years of the IAU. The symposium corroborates the fact that many African countries are making rapid progress in astronomical studies and space science for socio-economic growth. Therefore, besides revising the physics behind AGN, another important aim of the IAU 356 symposium is to contribute to the development of astronomy in Ethiopia and Africa in general.

The major technical goal of the symposium is to provide a general overview of recent findings and progress in observations, simulations, and theory of Active galactic nuclei (AGN) from the local universe up to high redshifts.

Key Topics of the IAU 356 symposium include:

Multiwavelength AGN surveys: past, present, and future
AGN types and unification
Active black holes and their host galaxies
Triggering, feedback and shutting off AGN activity
Jets and environment
Highest redshift AGN and AGN evolution

The second objective of the conference organizers is to bring for the first time world experts in the field of astronomy, physics and space studies to the East-African region and contribute to the development of science in Ethiopia and Africa.

To maximize the impact of the symposium, the organizers will feature training for undergraduate, MSc and PhD students before the conference (see the details in the program). After the conference, participants will partake in a training for secondary school teachers under the Network for Astronomy School Education (NASE). To promote science in general among the public and school children, one afternoon will be dedicated to the public talk and interaction between the conference participants and visitors. The last activities will be done in collaboration with the Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) and Addis Ababa University (AAU).

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline: 30 April 2019
Abstract notification: 15 June 2019
Regular registration closed: 01 September 2019
IAU 356 symposium: 7 – 11 October 2019

Visit the official event page for registration and submission of abstracts.


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