ASES and PROMÉTHÉE Earth Intelligence Sign MoU to Promote Space Activities in Senegal

Source: Sylla/Fsg, Senegalese Press Agency

The Senegalese Space Study Agency (ASES) and PROMÉTHÉE Earth Intelligence, a French company, formally inked a memorandum of understanding on Friday, 26 January 2024. The agreement is geared towards advancing space initiatives and launching a pioneering constellation of 5 to 8 satellites for Senegal by 2028, as the Senegalese Press Agency (APS) reported.

The signing of this memorandum is part of a broader commitment to scientific, technical, and technological cooperation. Maram Kaïré, the Director General of ASES, emphasised that the primary goal is to have a sovereign constellation in orbit for Senegal by 2028. “The implementation of this partnership, aligned with our roadmap, will undoubtedly contribute to achieving the primary promotional objectives of space activities,” said Kaïré.

Source: Business France Senegal

He further outlined that the cooperation programme, with the active involvement of national stakeholders, aims to establish a comprehensive industrial programme and develop the Senegalese space ecosystem through technological projects. This includes creating infrastructure for satellite manufacturing, assembly, integration, and testing to support the growth of the local industry, such as start-ups and the development of digital applications.

Source: Sylla/Fsg, Senegalese Press Agency

The agreement between ASES and PROMÉTHÉE is viewed as a significant stride in fostering collaboration between Senegalese and French expertise to bolster the development of space activities in Senegal, according to Christine Pages, the French ambassador in Dakar.

Olivier Piepsz, President of PROMÉTHÉE Earth Intelligence, expressed the objective of working collaboratively to foster the newspace industry ecosystem, support small businesses, and engage with the Senegalese educational system. He emphasised the importance of enabling Senegal to observe and understand its surroundings by integrating means. “To act, you must understand; to understand, you must see. So, we want to allow Senegal to see everything happening at home with the integration of means and the needed technical know-how,” said Piepsz.