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Left: African nationals attending the Indaba. Right: Flags of the nationalities represented at the Indaba.
The Deep Learning Indaba is the annual gathering of the African machine learning community, a week that in 2018 will be the world’s largest teaching event on the state of the art in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This year’s Indaba meets in Stellenbosch, South Africa from 9-14 September. Attendees will meet their peers from across our continent and beyond, be taught by world-leading experts in the field, learn how to implement their theoretical knowledge as solutions in code, ask advice about careers and research, debate the implications of new technologies on our continent’s future, and strengthen the African machine learning community.

Eligibility: Can I Attend?

You can apply either as a student or as a general attendee.

  • Students should be 4th-year/honours, MSc, PhD, or postdoc level. Students at a coding academy or institute are also welcome to apply in this category.
  • General attendees include academics, research scientists at startups or industry, and engineers in data science fields. ​

You should apply if you have:

  • An active interest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, data science, or related computational sciences (e.g., statistical physics, computational neuroscience, computational social science, etc).
  • Basic programming experience in Python or Matlab (if you’ve completed an undergrad assignment that involved coding, you should be fine!).
  • Basic (undergraduate) knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, probability theory and statistics. See the description of background topics for pointers and further details.

Registration: What costs are involved?

Registration is FREE for students. For general attendees we charge a fee of R5000.

Registration covers participation in lectures and practical sessions, lunch, coffee breaks and evening events. All other costs, including travel and accommodation, are the responsibility of the attendees. We do have financial support for travel and accommodation that students may apply for.

Financial Support and Awards

​Applying for financial support will not affect a student’s chances of being accepted to attend the Indaba.

We will offer financial support to encourage students from across our continent to attend. We will not be able to fund everyone who applies for these awards, so applications are competitive. In 2017 we supported 70 students, and expect to double this in 2018.

Key Dates
Application Deadline30 April 2018
Acceptance notification: 5 June 2018
Registration opens: 5 June 2018

Apply Here

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